Maple Spring Gardens
Cedar Grove, NC
At least once during the season we will have a members-only open house and
tour at the farm. Members are welcome to come at other times and look around,
with the understanding that our work must go on.
The Produce Share is for a 23 or 30 week season.
A Large Share box will contain an average of $28.70 worth of produce per week,
the Small Share, $20.

The Herb Share is for a 23 or 30 week season, concurrent with the Produce Share, and
will typically include 2-3 items per week, selected from a wide variety of culinary and tea herbs.
Subscribers pay an annual fee before the season begins to reserve their share. This helps us plan our production and provides needed cash to get the crop planted.
Members will receive a weekly box of produce for the duration of the season. Our regular season will run from approximately the beginning of May through the end September, a total of 23 weeks. Our 30 week season will start at the same time as the 23 week season and run thru approximately the middle of November. We deliver the boxes mid week to pickup locations in town, at least one location in Durham, one in Hillsborough, and two or more in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. By special request, we may establish pick up locations at local business locations for employees of those businesses. Subscribers may also elect to pick up their shares at the farm.
We grow approximately 40 different kinds of vegetables and small fruits. Boxes will contain as much variety as we can manage and will change with the season. (see Harvest Calendar) Due to the unpredictability of farming, we cannot guarantee every item listed in the Harvest Calendar will be available. We do not customize boxes for individual members.
An herb share is an optional share members may choose.
We will provide a regular newsletter, containing cooking suggestions and
keeping members apprised of what’s going on at the farm.
About CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

A CSA is a community of people coming together to support a local farmer in producing food for their tables. CSA brings together community members and farmers in a relationship of mutual support based on an annual commitment to one another. It is a commitment that helps ensure the survival of small farms, a local food supply, and of agricultural land. CSA assures the farmer a prepaid local market for the crop while providing community members access to the best and freshest local produce available. Members pay an annual fee and receive a weekly share of the farm’s produce.
Community Supported Agriculture is an international movement that is providing people with an alternative to the global food system. Thousands of CSAs have formed in the United States since 1985. The movement arose as a local and human scale response to the worldwide damage to farmers, farm communities, and the environment, which has occurred with large scale conventional agriculture. Small farmers everywhere are faced with leaving the land because of low food prices. In a region that is “developing” as rapidly as ours, making small farms profitable is one way to assure there will be agricultural land, green space, and locally grown food. The CSA movement seeks to restore direct contact between farmers and consumers, putting a human face on agriculture and the food supply.
About Maple Spring Gardens CSA
Maple Spring Gardens has been in operation marketing our produce in the Chapel Hill and Durham area for more than 30 years. The 2004 season was our first year offering a CSA. During the years since, our CSA has more than tripled in size and now constitutes the single most important element of our farm's marketing plan. Connecting with more of the community in a direct and personal way and achieving a wider distribution for our farm's produce has been rewarding for both us and our customers. 

Here are some comments from former members:
  “We have felt privileged to be part of your program this year and have enjoyed reading the newsletter. It has been rewarding to be part of the movement to buy locally grown organic food.”    
    When asked about the quality of the produce one customer wrote “Excellent, and everything was fresh and flavorful. Made me feel more in tune with nature’s rhythms, getting things while they’re in season.”
    “This is our first time and it is exceeding our expectations. We have prepared and served kale, turnips and beets for the first time as a family. It is a great adventure for us each week as we try to identify the vegetables in the box and as we introduce new foods to our kids and expand their palates. It has been a real success thus far because we follow your recipes and cooking instructions. We find your cooking ideas and recipes simple and realistic for busy people.”

How a CSA works
2018 Season Prices
Full Balance for all Shares is due April 15th.

For 30 Week Shares, we can offer a payment plan of 2 installments.  If interested, please check the appropriate box on your registration form.

We accept registration either online or by USPS mail. Payments made through PayPal using a credit card will incur a 3% processing fee.  This will show up as a tax at PayPal checkout.

      To register and pay online with a credit card through PayPal, click HERE.
      To print out a registration form and mail it to us with a check, click HERE.

Please read our
Subscriber-Grower Agreement

For more information please email
23 Week SHARES:
Large Share - $660  full payment                
      Small Share - $460  full payment                  
      Herb Share -  $92    full payment
     Large & Small Shares - $150
     Herb Share               -  $20               
30 Week SHARES:
Large Share - $860  full payment            
      Small Share - $600  full payment                
      Herb Share -  $120  full payment
Registration is now open for 2018, prices are the same as last season.