Maple Spring Gardens

We are committed to growing fresh wholesome produce and herbs, in a manner that is safe for people and beneficial to our land and the environment.

SINCE 1981


At Maple Spring Gardens, it has always been our goal to operate a profitable farming enterprise while practicing good stewardship of the land. We believe the two are compatible and we are dedicated to serving as a model of a viable and environmentally sound farming operation.


About our Farm

Maple Spring Gardens is a family owned and operated farm in northwestern Orange County, North Carolina where we raise a wide variety of vegetables, small fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, and bedding plants. For more than 35 years, we have fed and nourished the local community, which has, in turn, supported us and encouraged our work.



We offer a broad range of culinary & medicinal herbs, and herb based products such as Fresh Plant Hydrosols, Herb Infused Vinegars and Dried Herbal Teas. All of our herbs are naturally grown & harvested by hand with your health and Mother Earth in mind.


“Unprecedented quality. Each and every batch of fresh herbs has been impeccably harvested, cleaned, packaged, and cared for. The herbs are so vital when they arrive at our clinic and we know we are providing our clients with well-loved and honored plant medicine.”

-Erika Galentin, Clinical Herbalist, Sovereignty Herbs 


Quality Produce

We pride ourselves in growing high quality vegetables and small fruits – food that is nutrient dense and tasty.  We are always trying to find new and better varieties and to improve our methods in order to offer real, good food all year round.